Early gambeson, size XL

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Linen gambeson, perfect for reenactors of the Viking age.

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Arming cloth worn under chain mail, sometimes it was the only body protection available. Perfect for reenactors of Vikings and Slavs.
The gambeson is made of three layers:
Outer layer – linen
Filling – 100% cotton
Lining – linen
This gambeson is made as presented in medieval iconography, which means it has been developed to be practical in battle. It provides excellent freedom of movement as well as a high level of protection.

Freedom of movement has been achieved by adding two large slits at the front and back  and by varying the fill layers in different parts of the garment. The gambeson has short sleeves and is quilted in daimond pattern – as shown on the illustration. The gambeson weighs approximately 2kg and is pulled over the head when dressing. The standard version has no attachements for armour parts.