Diamant fibula

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5.5cmn, silverplated

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Diamond fibula after the Bamberg horseman from the Bamberg cathedral.

The beautiful clip made of polished bronze, silverplated, is based on the famous Bamberg horseman, a medieval equestrian statue in Bamberg cathedral.

This type of fibula is also known as the Karofibula or diamond brooch and was widespread in Europe in the Middle Ages of the 13th century.

The special thing about this fibula are the beautifully crafted three-pass ornaments that were characteristic of the high Middle Ages.

The diamond brooch is made by hand from solid brass-bronze and silver plated.

Dimensions  5.5 x 5.5 cm.

The Karofibula was used in the Middle Ages to close the neckline of the Cotte, the medieval waistcoat. The cotte was worn by both men and women.