button “sphere” bronze

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Viking age and later medieval ages

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Replica of a Viking kaftan button from Birka.
This Viking era ball button was found in Birka, Sweden in grave BJ 1074 with 17 other buttons in identical shape and was probably used as a closure for a caftan. See black and white photo.

Spherical buttons are known from various sites of the Viking age and were characteristic of the clothing of the Eastern Vikings and Russians, where the caftan was common as a garment.
However, ball buttons were used in a very similar shape well into the late Middle Ages.
Birka’s knot is an excellent addition to clothing in Viking and medieval reenactments.

With the sturdy molded eye at the bottom, the Viking button can be sewn onto the garment with just a few stitches.

The ball button from Birka has the dimensions: 1.2 x 0.9 cm. The eyelet has a diameter of 2 mm.

The Viking knot is made of high-quality decorative bronze.

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