button acorn

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Tin, 1.2cm.

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Medieval tin button in the shape of an acorn.

This elegant pewter button in acorn shape is made according to a historical model from the Tudor period and is perfect for the clothing of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The medieval pewter button optimally complements the clothing in the authentic medieval re-enactment
With the solid cast eyelet on the underside, the medieval button can be sewn onto the garment with just a few stitches.

The acorn tin button has the size: 1.2 cm.

The button came into fashion late in Europe and was hardly used before the mid-13th century. The button from the Middle Ages was often spherical and made of tin. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 14th century that buttons covered with fabric appeared.
Buttons with small eyelets were particularly common in the Middle Ages. The shape with two or four holes familiar to us today was hardly widespread before the 16th century. In contrast to today, buttons in the Middle Ages were mostly attached directly to the edge of the robe. Then there was an eyelet on the opposite side. This always left a narrow gap between the two sides of the robe.