Powder horn

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With stop valve and shoulder strap.

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Powder Horn with brass shut-off valve and leather shoulder strap.
Gunpowder horn with stop valve made of brass and leather shoulder strap

This powder horn from real horn is modeled after an Orignal. An essential accessory for wearers of front loaders, muskets, stone lock guns etc.
The horn is decorative notched and has a wooden cap, which is fastened with authentic brass nails.
At the tip of the horn the fillable opening can be closed by means of a screwable brass stopper.
In the brass cap is also a spring valve with which the powder supply can be very easily dosed. The horn also has a narrow leather strap to carry it over the shoulder. The Horn is a natural product. Deviations in form and color are therefore self-evident.

– Length: approx. 25 to 30 cm
– Material: Horn, brass, wood, leather