Handforged Viking chest fittings

46,00 incl. BTW

set of hinges and hasp



Handforged Viking chest fittings, set of 2 hinges and 1 hasp

Making your own viking wooden chest is not too difficult. But where to get authentic and affordable steel fittings?With this set of early-medieval chest fittings we deliver the perfect solution.The fittings are made of hand-forged steel.They have square holes and can be fixed with hand-forged nails or other nails or screws. You need twelve nails or screws to fix the hinges.

– Material: hand-forged Steel
– Total length of hinges: approx. 38 cm
– Size of the square holes: approx. 5 x 5 mm
– Finish: forge-black (lightly oiled)

Shipping weight: 1.20 kg

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