medieval serving spoon (86)

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dimensions 30 x 9 cm , depth 3 cm.

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Medieval serving spoon forged from iron.
The elegantly curved medieval spoon is completely hand-forged from iron and carefully treated with vegetable oil.
The handle of the serving spoon is nicely turned and forged into a hook at the end.

In the Middle Ages, such ladles were an essential part of every household, as daily meals consisted mainly of soups, stews and grits. A forged spoon like this is therefore an ideal companion for historical everyday and camp life in larp and medieval reenactments.

The medieval iron spoon has the dimensions 30 x 9 cm and a depth of 3 cm.

Legislations require food law certification under the Food and Consumer Goods Act (LFBG) for use with food. However, this is very expensive and would have a negative effect on the low selling price. That’s why we offer this forged ladle as a prop, which is at least by definition not certified for food.