medieval fork, brass

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after find of medieval spoon in England

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Fork with a lady’s head from the late Middle Ages after a model from England.
The historical model that inspired this noble brass fork is a medieval spoon from England with the ornate image of a lady’s head on the end of the handle.

The original spoon can be attributed to the period from 1440 to 1470. The head probably represents the head of the Virgin Mary. Spoons like these were usually made of tin and were typical of the late Middle Ages.

The original of the spoon is now in the British Museum, London.

The ladies head brass fork has been carefully polished to a mirror finish.
Dimensions medieval brass fork: 14 x 2.5 cm.

Brass naturally darkens a little over time, but can easily be made shiny again. Vinegar or lemon juice will do well here. A warm bath with rhubarb leaves or apple peel even works wonders. Regular toothpaste is also ideal for polishing the surface. Then the surface can be easily polished with a soft cloth.

This medieval brass fork is a historical prop that is produced in small numbers and therefore has no food law certification. That is why we are obliged to make the following statement: Not certified for food contact.