medieval cauldron 29 liter

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Large steel cauldron, riveted, approx. 21 litres

This nice camp pot is made out of several overlapping steel sheets, which are connected by authentic rivets. As riveted pots very often leak, the joints have also been welded inconspicuously from inside. The handle is hand-forged from solid square steel.

These cauldrons are perfect for historical dying and suitable for re-enacting various periods: Dark-Age, Viking, High- and Late-Medieval, Renaissance and even early modern era and of course LARP.
The pot is entirely made by hands. We offer this model in thre different sizes: 3.5-litre, 9-litre und 29-litre volume

– Material: steel
– Volume: approx. 21 Liter (also available with 3.5 and 9 litres)
– Diameter: approx. 43 cm
– Height with handle: 57 cm
– Weight: approx. 7.0 kg

Legal Note:
As the steel can rust, this item is not suitable for use in food preparation. (officially)
Always oil it after using, then it will not rust.

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