I33 Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript 2nd edition

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Sword and buckler

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The Walpurgis Manuscript (Royal Armouries I.33) is the world’s oldest known personal fencing manual, having been written in early 14th century Germany. This fascinating document offers a unique window into a style of sword and buckler fencing that appears to have been both a popular sport and a means of waging war in Western Europe for more than a century. This extensively revised and extended Second Edition will take you through a series of instructions and exercises designed to have you fencing in a way which the authors of the I.33 Manuscript would have immediately recognized. Along with several important interpretation updates, the Second Edition features over 100 illustrative photographs and more than 90 exercises. Rediscover this ancient and effective medieval combat style for yourself, a style which fascinated our ancestors and is still intriguing fencers today.

214 pages

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