Arming doublet 01

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Arming doublet worn as a base garment for armour. Made up of three layers:
Outer layer – linen (standard) or wool, reinforced with leather straps
Filling – 100% cotton
Lining – linen
Reconstruction of a 15th century arming doublet with puffs. which has been developed to be practical in battle. The trunk and sleeves are filled with four layers of cotton, the puffs, 16 layers. The arming doublet weighs about 2kg and is fastened with five pairs of hooks. 

Size S in bright blue
Size S in black, without the fastening hooks, 20 euro’s extra discount
Size (X)XL in brownish black

STANDARD PRICE 299;-  NOW ONLY 219;-!   Size S with missing hooks, black: 199.95