Fencing jacket Neyman (new version)

239,00 incl. BTW




Standard model of fencing HEMA jacket designed for use with steel swords.
Medieval HEMA fencing jacket was designed by Neyman Fencing in collaboration with best Polish fencers for sparring and competition with steel longsword/rapier/sabre.

Style based on 15th-century gambesons

–> Jacket offers perfect protection for sparring with any weapon ranging from feder to smallsword
–> 800N pierce resistance
–> 360 bladecatcher protecting all sides of neck
–> Outer layer made of durable, abrasion resistant fabric
–> Double YKK zipper closing reinforced by velcro for highest level of protection
–> Synthetic padding with antibacterial protection
–> CoolMax fibers
–> Sewn together by extremely strong threads used in the production of parachutes
–> Sleeves cut for unrestricted arm movement