“AP light” HEMA jacket 350N

 230,00 TVA incluse



Light fencing jacket based on the popular “AP” 350N model. Besides the features like an overlap in the front, bladecatcher, or amortisation layer, “AP Light” is characterised by low weight, breathable construction, adjustable waist girth and extra pockets with foams. What is more, this jacket is thinner than the regular “AP” but still made from 350N puncture resistance fabric. Its lining allows heat and moisture removal but also has the antibacterial function.

On sleeves you can find grips for additional elbow protectors, e.g. “Shell”. Thanks to extra pockets for foams, the amortisation level of ribs, shoulders and front can be modified. This feature allows using this jacket in light historical fencing trainings, as well as tournament duels.

On this moment also in stock in color Brown size L , € 230,-

Chest girth 84-92cm 92-100cm 100-108cm 108-116cm 116-124cm 124-132cm
Waist girth 72-80cm 80-88cm 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm
Hips girth 88-96cm 96-104cm 104-112cm 112-120cm 120-128cm 128-136cm
Height 164-170cm 170-176cm 176-182cm 182-188cm 188-194cm 194-200cm




AP Fencing Jacket AP “Light” Fencing Jacket
Puncture resistance 350 N 350 N
Weight 2,5 kg – 3,5kg heavier 1,6 kg – 1,9 kg lighter
Basic layer of filling/amortization Thicker on the whole surface; protecting more body areas Thinner; ensures better mobility
Additional inner amortization layer None Pockets with removable foams; changable level of amortization on shoulders, front and ribs
Breathability Standard; more difficult because of thicker amortization layer Good moisture and heat removal, antibacterial lining
Washing/drying Handwash or chemical wash; longer drying Laundry wash; shorter drying
Additional fitting to the size None Extra strip on the back– adjustable waist girth
Forearms Quilted with amortization layer Thin; recommended additional protection
Additional fastening None Grips for additional elbow protectors
Designed to Intensive trainings and duels as well as HEMA beginners General-purpose, many kinds of trainings
Additional informations

Additional information:

  • 350N puncture resistance certificate
  • low weight
  • pockets for foams
  • breathable lining with antibacterial function
  • bladecatcher
  • grips for elbow protectors
  • adjustable waist girth