“Dragonfly” HEMA pants level 2

 147,00 TVA incluse

Combines features of other pants


800N HEMA pants “Dragonfly” trousers combine features of the best SPES products – “Locust” and “Hussar” pants.

“Dragonfly” – 800N HEMA pants

“Dragonfly” Level 2 is an advanced HEMA equipment with complex protective layer. It has amortization foams on knees, outer sides of thighs, and on hips. There are also mountings for additional gear on knees, like „Shell” covers.

Fabric of this HEMA clothing has an 800N puncture resistance certificate. What also makes these pants special, is a wide midsection part which covers an underbelly section and lowers the risk of injuries during HEMA training. This HEMA equipment has both velcro straps and a zipper. You can easily fit it to your body thanks to adjustable strap and suspenders.

Exceptional elements of this SPES gear are red trimming on sides, and a red pocket on back. This unique design will make a user stand out during any HEMA event.


HEMA pants – sizing & colors

This HEMA clothing is available in 6 sizes – from XS to XXL (check the chart below), or in custom size. If you need help in choosing the best size of HEMA pants, check this dedicated chart, or our video. You can also contact our Sales Department if you have any questions – info@histfenc.com

Waist girth 80-84 cm 84-88 cm 88-92 cm 92-100 cm 100-108 cm 108-116 cm
Hips girth 99 cm 104 cm 108 cm 112 cm 117 cm 122 cm
Thigh girth 64 cm 67 cm 70 cm 73 cm 76 cm 79 cm


“Dragonfly” HEMA Pants are available in 5 colors:
– black
– red
– white
– grey
– blue

Chosen color does not change the trimming and pocket – these remain red.

Additional informations:

Main features: 
– made of durable 800N fabric
– amortization foams on knees, outer side of thighs, and on hips
– mountings for additional protectors
– pocket in contrastive red color
– red trimming – wide midsection part with adjustment on sides
– 5 colors to choose from
– new, upgraded design
– new type of stitching on foams
– low weight combined with high protection


WEIGHTfrom ~ 1340 g (XS) to ~ 1675 g (XXL)

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