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Inigo Montoya Gloves

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fingered gloves



Ultimate dexterity finally available through Inigo Montoya HEMA Gloves these gloves fit in saber and sidesword grips providing full protection.
movement for longsword without worries about getting hurt. High quality internal glove is already attached to Inigo Montoya HEMA Gloves.
You can easily change between grip stances without trouble and gaps in defense, they are also perfect for grappling. 

–> Made of hot-formed styrogum, covered with durable cowhide
–> Providing excellent protection without impairing mobility
–> Padding 
–> Integrated inner leather glove
–> Hourglass-shaped cuff attached with the strap of folded, pierce resistant fabric (800N) allowing mobility and keeping wrists safe

Size M only in RED (see picture).