Gajardoni Kombat Mask, temporarily with free “extra LIGHT NG 800N occipital overlay”

 199,00 VAT included

Temporarily with free occiput overlay.


(Edit HEMAworld: They run big, so when in doubt when ordering, order the smaller one!)

This HEMA mask is available in 4 sizes, so it can be worn by adults as well as children. This Gajardoni Kombat Mask is also unisex. It’s a perfect choice for any HEMA training, regardless of chosen weapon simulator.

The construction of Gajardoni Kombat Mask consists of two parts: steel mesh in black color and a soft bib in black color with maroon lining. On the back part you can notice a metal, rounded stabilizer. Our HEMA mask is tied with a wide velcro strap. This HEMA mask has a FIE 1600N certificate. The front mesh is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Inner padding has an antibacterial cover. The padding is profiled, providing a proper support to the head during training. This part of Gajardoni Kombat Mask is made of thick MTP foam.

What’s important, this model of HEMA mask is fully compatible with SPES overlays. It will make a perfect set of HEMA gear with Unity PRO NG 800N mask overlay or Light NG 800N occipital overlay.


How to choose a proper size of HEMA mask?

Measure the maximum girth of your head with a tape measure. Start with the chin (NOTE – not under it!). Going up and down the sides, don’t forget about including the ears. Make a full circle and check the result!

NOTE – we recommend choosing a mask one size bigger than your head size. Follow the chart below:
(Edit HEMAworld: They run big, so when in doubt when ordering, order the smaller one!)

 Head size   Measurements   Recommended mask size 
XS  62 – 64 cm S
S  64 – 66 cm M
M  66 – 68 cm L
L  68 – 70 cm XL

Gajardoni – quality and reliability in HEMA gear
Short information on the history of Gajardoni Kombat Mask and its manufacturer from Brescia.

It’s no coincidence that SPES joined forces with Franchini Blades SRL and its heritage – Gajardoni Scherma. Franchinis wanted to keep the legacy of Lucillo Gajardoni, the creator of a solid and reliable Gajardoni Kombat Mask. In 2020 they decided to take over the brand with a hundred year old tradition to continue developing it with our help.

Both sides care about popularizing the Kombat Mask 1600N model. This collaboration makes SPES the only distributor of this durable HEMA mask for the most demanding users. We believe that this product will quickly make its mark among the HEMA community all around the world, just like our gear did.

Additional informations
  • handmade by the Italian manufacturer Gajardoni
  • FIE 1600N certificate
  • fully compatible with SPES HEMA gear, especially Unity NG 800N mask overlay or Light NG 800N occipital overlay
  • please choose a mask one size bigger than your head – follow the infographic below
    (Edit HEMAworld: They run big, so when in doubt when ordering, order the smaller one!)